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Music & silent film

The commemoration of the centenary of cinema in 1995 marks the beginning of Benoît Schlosberg's work with silent cinema. On the occasion of a first film-concert, he created original music for Buster Keaton's film "Campus".

This work for jazz training was written for educational purposes at the request of the Conservatory of Epinay sur Seine and is presented as a small anthology of "jazz" musical forms (Tribute to Miles Davis, Shuffle, Stomp, Ragtime, blues, etc. ...).
  He then conducted the first film music that was commissioned as such: "The assassination of the Duke of Guise", a work by Camille Saint Saëns (1907). The film concerts are linked with the creation in 2001 of original music by François Servenière for the film "Cagliostro" (Camille de Morhlon and Gaston Velle 1908).
  In another area, and on the occasion of the French/Czech season, he conducts live original compositions on animated films resulting from the work of students from schools such as FAMU (Prague), La Poudrière ( Valence) or ENSAD  ( Paris).
  In 2004, Benoît Schlosberg accompanied live the film "La nouvelle Babylone" by Gregori Kozintsev, the musical score of which was composed by Dimitri Shostakovich.
2005 saw the revival of "Cagliostro" and the creation of new music by François Servenière for Victorin Jasset's film "Zigomar contre NIck Carter" (1910). Benoît Schlosberg composes and creates on this occasion an original music for the "Les 2 poltrons" of the same director.

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